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As people, we are a beautiful creation of God. In us, every individual feature adds something to a complete array of shapes and colors, lights and shadows, all conforming our unique and outstanding facial expression. But, what is so unique about personality? Why does its beauty rises high above all the canons dictated by this mercantile world? Though I don’t pretend be the holder of the exact answer, I must say I believe it is because the personality, as a whole, is a revealing collection, announcing the presence of something higher than the visual aspect of existence: the soul, and in it, the character of a human or creature to whom our love and gratitude floods.


I’d like to be imaginative, since, when painting for myself, I have an inevitable tendency to some kind of ethereal realism.


I’ve cultivated since my childhood a particular admiration for artists whose expression is bold, with daring brush strokes. Yes, I aim some drama in it, because I like to see the brush fighting its way through reality to bring us a palpable illusion. I think this is partially due to the great teachers in my childhood (R. Rios Gallery, Guatemala, CA) that guided me that way. This was also reinforced in my youth, by visits to the vast museums in Europe like the Louvre, the Vatican Museum and many others. Classics like Velázquez, Rembrandt, Mariano-Fortuny, Dali, Picasso, Siqueiros, to name a few, had made an incision on my career as a painter. But in conjunction to this, I believe an artist never settles; an artist will always be in a constant research for a deeper, personal and unique way to describe the indescribable.

Fees and schedules

My fee schedule is based on the figure size. Figure sizes are: head and shoulders, half figure, three-quarter figure, and full figure. The price, per individual figure, for a half bodied portrait in a 18” x 24” canvas, is at this point $2,300 plus a $350 setup fee, which covers in part, my traveling and may involve an individual photography session, sketches, and of course, our important artist/client communication where we’ll discuss about your vision for this invaluable legacy. Then I’ll return to my studio to complete the portrait.
It is important to understand that when a price is quoted, it is for the artwork only. Extra charges may be incurred for such items as: additional family figures, pets, and detailed backgrounds, framing, shipping, additional travelling (I’m in Northern California), etc. Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your preferences.
When circumstances require, I will work from a photograph that you provide, this is, if the light adequate for a successful portrait. Just remember, we are looking for a deep description not only of the features but also of the character. I’ll aim for some drama in the way the light reveals the face of my subject. Disregard the background; it can be sketched and then recreated as imaginatively as needed.
I’ll communicate with you frequently throughout the process to keep you aware of the evolution of it. Finally, your portrait will be either shipped or personally delivered when completed. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your questions. 

Salvador Rodas Guinea
Tel.: (650) 722-0680

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